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Recipe: Apple & Beet Salad

Apple & Beet Salad

Nourishing fall harvest ingredients like fresh apples, arugula, and beets come together in an easy, delicious, healthy salad that's perfect for lunch or a dinnertime side.  

A perfect moment

Indulge in the Harvest Season by creating the perfect moment with a cup of Stumptown and a slice of freshly baked pie from Willamette Valley Pie Co.

Are You Team Sweet or Team Savory?
Start your day off right with a delicious and satisfying breakfast! Whether you're in the mood for something savory or sweet, we have tons of local goods to help you build the breakfast spread of your dreams.
The Ultimate Mexican Comfort Brunch Dish
Stiebrs eggs are the star of our recipe for Huevos Ahogados, a classic Mexican brunch dish, adding a rich and creamy flavor that will take your taste buds to new heights.
Meet Your Neighborhood Milkman: Tony Martinez

Meet Your Neighborhood Milkman: Gene Quitugua

Milkman Gene Quitugua

Say hi to your neighborhood milkman, Gene Quitugua!

Meet Your Neighborhood Milkwoman: Cheyenne Oravetz

Milkwoman Cheyenne Oravetz

Say hi to your neighborhood milkwoman, Cheyenne Oravetz!

Meet Your Neighborhood Milkman: Robin Ewry

Milkman Robin Ewry

Say hi to your neighborhood milkman, Robin Ewry!

Savor Local This Labor Day
Savor local delights from Willamette Valley Pie, Zenner’s, 1927 Original S’mores Co., and more. Plus, the freshest organic plum cherries, blueberries, and more to elevate your Labor Day celebrations. Read more here.
Beat the Heat with Grilled Pizza
During the warmer months, there's no need to heat up your oven to enjoy homemade pizza. Grilling pizza gives it a smoky char that's similar to wood-fired or coal-fired pizza. Grills can reach higher temperatures than conventional ovens, which is ideal for making crispy, flavorful pizza.