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Meat & Poultry

Get delicious, local meats and poultry. Bacon delivery is not a fairy tale!

Thick-sliced bacon with a sweet and smoky flavor.
Wake up to the sweet smell of sizzling bacon.
Pepperoni that's perfectly sliced and ready to be placed atop your homemade pizza.
One pound of pre-cooked German sausages.
Traditional all-beef frankfurters handcrafted in Oregon.
Fully cooked links made with chicken and apples.
Made from a blend of pork and beef, these Coney dogs are perfect for warm-weather dining.
Classic breakfast sausages handmade with the finest pork cuts.
Fully-cooked kielbasa made of pork, mustard seed, garlic, and spices.
Fully-cooked Italian sausages made with primo pork and seasoned with a blend of garlic, fennel, and chili flakes.