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Just like our farm-fresh milk, fruit is an essential kitchen staple.

Buttery and smooth avocados that are brimming with flavor. Single serving size so that none go to waste.
There’s nothing better than fresh, red-ripe strawberries delivered to your door.
Sweet, juicy and refreshing, there is nothing quite like a peak season blueberry. If you’ve had one before you know the difference.
Only available for a limited time, this unique fruit is jam-packed with flavor. Bringing you the best of succulent cherries and rich plums.
Ripe and juicy, these delicious organically grown cherry tomatoes are perfect for summer salads, making a quick sauce or roasting down for a tasty spread.
Perfectly tart and sweet, these organically grown raspberries are great all on their own or can be added to desserts or salads.
Dark, juicy, rich, and sweet there is nothing quite like a refreshing black berry on a warm summer day. Enjoy these organically grown blackberries available now for your next home delivery.
Best chilled. Enjoy the sweet refreshing flavor of these mini watermelon, perfect for the summer months!