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Treat yourself to a tall glass of creamy chocolate milk.
A splash of our half and half is your coffee's best friend.
Half gallon of certified organic whole milk.
Kick-off your morning with our creamy cottage cheese.
This smooth and creamy low-fat yogurt features a hometown berry hero.
A half gallon of gently pasteurized whole milk.
Honey-cocoa bar elevated with lavender essential oil and adorned with red rose petals.
There’s nothing better than fresh, red-ripe strawberries delivered to your door.
Taste the bounty of spring with this seasonal Ravioli from our friends at Classic Foods. Made with asparagus, parmesan, ricotta, and Rogue River Organic Bleu Cheese that is sure to delight!
Rich coffee and crunchy roasted cacao nibs with dark cacao make this bar the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.
An elevated and flavor superior tea to the traditional Earl Grey.
A tall fluffy stack of pancakes or the satisfying texture of a perfectly pocketed waffle? Now you don’t have to choose! Enjoy Bob’s Buttermilk Pancake Mix any time!
A paleo chocolate-truffle-like bar made with coconut meat and sweetened with raw local honey.
Rich and nutty cocoa bar sweetened with honey and finished with a hint of tangerine.
Getting your crunch on is now easier and more delicious than every with Taylor Farm’s Creamy Dill Pickle Chopped Salad Kit!
Vanilla donut bites dipped in a bright, tangy glaze.
Made from the finest pork-bellies produced by Pacific Northwest family farms! Slow smoked and finished with a subtle floral kick of black pepper.
A deliciously crisp blend of colorful, mild and bold baby greens!
Crafted to resemble a fountain pen’s steel nibs, Montelupo Italian Market’s hand-made penne pasta is ready for your next flavor adventure!
Translating to, “blossom of milk” in English, this fresh whole milk mozzarella has a wonderfully delicate flavor and texture.
Spicy, cheesy, and delicious with that signature Zenner’s Sausage snap that will keep you coming back for bite after bite!
Riding that flavor line between creamy and zesty perfectly, enjoy Montelupo’s Tomato Butter sauce at home!
Milled, mixed, packaged and tested in Bob’s dedicated gluten free facility, enjoy this warm filling oatmeal cup anytime you need a pick me up!
Delivering crisp, tender spears of asparagus to your door.
So light and fluffy, it just might float away! Marsee Baking’s delicious angel food cake is a sweet treat without all the guilt!