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Alpenrose started in 1891 from humble roots, delivering milk to Portland-area homes from a horse-drawn wagon. Alpenrose has grown into a household name, serving a wide array of customers: from school-age kids enjoying a half pint of our famous chocolate milk, to local producers and grocery stores.

As our customers' needs evolve, so have we. In 2019, Alpenrose joined forces with Smith Brothers Farms, a family-run company in Kent, WA. Just like Alpenrose, Smith Brothers Farms was built on the “milkman tradition”, delivering milk and groceries to homes in nearby communities. In 2020, Alpenrose re-introduced home grocery delivery services, combining our beloved dairy products with a curated selection of locally sourced products and household favorites. It’s a convenient and delicious way to support local businesses and producers.

And we continue to evolve and grow. We recently acquired Larsen’s Creamery - another beloved, local dairy processor. Larsen’s Creamery provides an ideal new line of business (sweet cream butter!) and is the site of our new company headquarters in Clackamas, OR.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and please join us as we embark on new and exciting opportunities to serve the next generation of Portland families with the freshest, best-tasting dairy products. Made right here at Your local dairy.

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