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Our Story

Home of the Alpenrose Dairy
Alpenrose Dairy Milkman

A Northwest Natural Since 1916

Our story begins in 1891 when Swiss-born Florian Cadonau and his son, Henry, began delivering milk in three-gallon cans to Portland families by horse-drawn wagon.

In 1916, after working with his father for a few years, Henry and his wife, Rosina, established their own farm – less than a mile down the road from Florian’s. The couple named the dairy after the alpine flowers that grow in their native Switzerland: Alpenrose.

Now, more than a century later, we are returning to our home delivery roots. We are bringing back the neighborhood milkman – and milkwoman – with a new, modern twist by combining our dairy products with a selection of Portland-centric Northwest essentials.

As one of the oldest family-owned and operated dairies in Oregon, we are proud of our legacy and remain committed to providing the freshest local dairy to our neighbors and friends across the region.

Both our organic and conventional dairy products come straight to us from trusted family farms in the Pacific Northwest with no added rBST hormones, ever. For the farm-fresh flavor, our milk is gently pasteurized to preserve natural vitamins and minerals, keeping your family’s milk as pure and wholesome as you expect.

Alpenrose milk bottling
Alpenrose Dairy Farm
Alpenrose Dairy Cows