Pomegranate – 1 ct

Pomegranate – 1 ct


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Sweet-tart pomegranate bursting with goodness.

Fresh pomegranates are easy to love. The original superfruit, pomegranates are packed full of antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. The ruby-red arils can be enjoyed by the handful, added to leafy salads and creamy yogurt for a pop of color, or blended into a smoothie.

How to Open

  1. Cut - Cut off the top about a half inch from the crown.
  2. Score - Once you remove the top, four to five sections of the pomegranate divided by white membrane will be visible. Score the skin along each section.
  3. Open - Carefully pull the pomegranate apart over a bowl of water.
  4. Loosen - Gently pry the arils loose using your thumbs. The plump, juicy seeds will sink to the bottom. Scoop away everything that floats to the top. Enjoy!



  • Gluten Free