Organic Mushroom Sampler – 8 oz

Organic Mushroom Sampler – 8 oz


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Sampler featuring a variety of organic specialty mushrooms.

Mycopia’s Chef’s Sampler package of organic mushroom varieties is the perfect item for mushroom-lovers, adventurous cooks, and the meatless Monday crowd! The Chef’s Sampler welcomes experimentation with textures and flavors - whether prepared individually to enjoy each variety’s unique flavor and texture, or cooked together to create a delicious mélange.

May Contain:

  • Organic Alba Clamshell - Crisp to crunchy texture, with an almond aroma, and shellfish-like flavor, they’re ideal for more delicate dishes and pairs well with fish, citrus, and herbs.
  • Organic Trumpet Royale – Firm and meaty, this variety has a great range of flavor and is a terrific addition to meatless meals.
  • Organic Brown Clamshell – This versatile variety is distinguished by its mild shellfish flavors. Their quarter-size caps and elegant stems retain a crunchy texture even after sauteing.
  • Organic Forest Nameko – Firm in texture, the beautiful, bright-orange color and glossy, moist texture of this mushroom is described as earthy and a nutty aroma.
  • Organic Velvet Pioppini - With supple brown caps atop creamy, slim stems with a texture similar to asparagus, they are a perfect match for high-heat cooking and flavorful pairings.
  • Organic Maitake Frondosa – A wonderfully adaptable mushroom with a fabulous, forest aroma and light, crunchy texture.
  • Organic Nebrodini Bianco – A cousin of Trumpet Royale, this mushroom is sweet, mild, earthy and peppery with a texture unlike any other!

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