Cal-Organic Carrot Chips - 1 lb.

Cal-Organic Carrot Chips - 1 lb.


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Fresh, organic carrot chips washed, cut, and ready-to-eat.

Cal-Organic’s Carrot Chips have all the makings of a perfect snack: crunchable, shareable, and dippable. Their ridged edges and flexible, flat surface are the perfect match for your favorite dip and they’re naturally low-calorie and fat-free. Each pack features carrot slices that are pre-washed, cut, and ready-to-eat. Beyond a quick snack, carrot chips are suitable for culinary applications of all kinds!

  • Organic
Product Reviews
Great for snacking
These carrot chips are great to keep in the house for snacks.  Ready to go right out of the bag for snacking or tossing into salads.