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Pacific Coast Fruit Company

Pacific Coast Fruit is a local, family-owned produce distributor that has proudly served Pacific Northwest retail, wholesale, and food service customers since 1977. They are one of the largest independent produce distributors in the Northwest with distribution warehouses in Portland and Seattle and a state of the art Fresh Cut processing facility. However, they haven’t forgotten their roots and continue to support the local growers who make the Pacific Northwest an exciting region for fruit and vegetable cultivation.

Learn more about Pacific Coast Fruit Company on its website.

Fresh, organically-grown sweet potatoes.
Fresh Brussels sprouts ready for roasting.
Exceptionally crisp and aromatic, it’s no wonder Honeycrisp is the most popular apple in the world! The perfect balance between sweet and tart, that guarantees a delicious eating experience every time.
Ready to travel with you, enjoy the sweet-tart taste of pomegranate without the hassle! Pomegranate arils are antioxidant rich, a good source of fiber, and contain 8% of the daily recommended vale of vitamin C.
Boasting a slightly firmer and more dense white flesh than other pears, this versatile winter variety is great for baking, broiling, or poaching!
Keep scurvy at bay and add a bright zip to any dish or beverage! Lemons are a staple citrus fruit essential in many kitchens and a great source of vitamin C!
A naturally sweet addition to any diet, oranges are citric acid fruits that are high in vitamin C and can be eaten as is or juiced for a smooth beverage!

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