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Montelupo Italian Market

Locally beloved as both a restaurant and market, Montelupo Italian Market makes enjoying the pleasures of handmade pasta dinner at home a breeze without all the hassles of dealing with a sticky, doughy mess. Learn more about Montelupo Italian Market

Calling all the extra saucy pasta lovers, this one is for you! Montelupo Italian Market’s hand-made fresh bucatini captures sauce inside each noodle guaranteeing a comforting bite each time.
Fun to look at and fun to eat! Montelupo Italian Market’s hand-made fresh cavatappi is a macaroni-type noodle that’s name translates to corkscrews.
Crafted to resemble a fountain pen’s steel nibs, Montelupo Italian Market’s hand-made penne pasta is ready for your next flavor adventure!
Probably the most well-known pasta shape the world over, except this one is gluten free! Literally meaning, “little twine” this delicious noodle ties your next meal together!

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