Salsa De Rosa Hot - 16 oz

Salsa De Rosa Hot - 16 oz


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Salsa De Rosa Hot Salsa elevates your taste experience with a tantalizing blend of flavors and just the right amount of heat. It's the perfect choice when you crave a little extra kick without breaking a sweat, featuring ripe tomatoes, zesty tomatillos, jalapeños, and the fiery touch of habanero peppers.

Salsa De Rosa Hot Salsa finds the perfect balance between flavor and a tantalizing heat kick for spice lovers. Crafted from a blend of premium ingredients, including ripe tomatoes, zesty tomatillos, onions, cilantro, garlic, and the boldness of jalapeños and habanero peppers, it offers a rich and dynamic taste experience. The acidity from the lemon juice and vinegar adds a vibrant tanginess that complements a variety of dishes from grilled meats to appetizers or eggs. Whether you're adding some zest to your tacos or seeking a dip for your chips or crackers, Salsa De Rosa Hot Salsa is your ticket to an unforgettable flavor journey!