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De Casa Organic Medium Green Salsa - 14 oz.

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Fresh, organic green salsa with a zesty garlic flavor.

What gives De Casa Organic Medium Green Salsa its vibrant color? Tomatillos! Native to Mexico, tomatillos may look like mini tomatoes, but they're actually closely related to the gooseberry. Enjoy the bright and tangy flavors of organic tomatillos, which are then perfectly blended with poblano peppers, yellow onions, garlic, lime juice, jalapeño, cilantro, sea salt, and cumin seed. Use it as you would any other salsa: sprinkle on tacos, dip (or scoop!) tortilla chips in it, or mix it with guacamole. For less traditional uses, add to fluffy omelets or use it as a sauce for a Mexican-inspired pizza.

Low Fat
Gluten Free