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Reheated well and tasted nearly as good as it would have in the restaurant. Definitely the best frozen pizza I’ve had. Flavor was the perfect balance of cheese and mushroom. Seeing items from local restaurants is encouraging. Looking forward to seeing more.
| 11/14/2020 7:15 PM
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I love the combination of ricotta & pesto! If you pour yourself some weekend water to enjoy with this pizza, set some mood lighting and squint you can pretend you’re not eating alone standing at your kitchen counter.
It really is delicious pizza!
| 2/3/2021 4:16 PM
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Really tasty
I loved the flavors. Pizza tasted fresh and delicious. I had it two days in a row for lunch. Perfect.
| 4/19/2021 9:35 AM
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A very pleasant surprise, you really can tell it wasn’t fresh!
| 5/8/2021 10:02 AM
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Very good
The mix of cheese made it very good and not ordinary. The nice wood oven taste adds a little extra flavor of goodness. A little expensive but I would probably buy again when I’m in the mood for something unique.
| 7/21/2021 10:03 PM
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