Essential Baking Italian Take & Bake Bread - 16 oz.

Essential Baking Italian Take & Bake Bread - 16 oz.


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Fresh, artisan baked Italian bread from Seattle bakery.

This Italian Take & Bake Bread from The Essential Baking Company fills your kitchen with the aroma of an Italian bakery. And the best part? You don’t have to do any work. (Well, besides putting it in the oven for 12 to 15 minutes.) Enjoy a porous, chewy crumb with a soft crust and a dusting of flour in every bite. Made with only five ingredients, this organic loaf of bread is supremely satisfying. 

  • Organic
Product Reviews
Long shelf life- delicious!
Vacuum sealed so you have a long shelf life of several months without freezing. Bake in oven to finish and the resulting loaf is crusty/hard outside and hot and soft inside. A more rustic texture all around. If you’re looking for a light, flakey crisp outside this is not for you.  I noticed a very, very slight sourdough flavor. I double checked and we did get the Italian and not the sourdough loaf.  
It was delicious with garlic butter and stew. Whole family enjoyed. Will reorder in the future.