Whole Milk - Half Gallon


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A half gallon of gently pasteurized whole milk.

The Earth has a population of 7.6 billion. Of that number, more than six billion people get nine of their essential nutrients from one beverage: milk. (If that doesn’t impress you, well, we don’t know what will!) And good news for you - we happen to deliver it to your door. Like all of our Alpenrose milk, it's rBST-free and gently pasteurized for that farm-fresh flavor. One sip, and you’ll never want milk from the grocery store again!

Product Reviews
Agree with others- needs a pour spout
Good product. Packaging needs to be redesigned. Difficult to open.
I agree...just too hard to open
Love the product, but have given up because the cartons are so hard to open.  Wish Alpenrose would switch to the easier and cleaner pour spouts other dairies offer.
Great tasting milk, wish it had a pour spot.
Great local and fresh milk, I do wish the carton had a resealable pour spot like most other brands. But other then that, very good!