Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate - 25.4 fl oz

Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate - 25.4 fl oz


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A double-strength cold brew concentrate.

Stumptown's Cold Brew Concentrate is a double-strength cold brew made with just two ingredients: the highest quality coffee and water. From roasting and grinding the beans to brewing and bottling, Stumptown follows the whole process from start to finish in Portland.

Since it is double strength, you have a few options for drinking it:

  • Dilute it with equal parts water in the vessel of your choosing
  • Pour over ice for the smoothest afternoon pick-me-up
  • Cut the concentrate with whole milk, half & half, or plant based milk and a bit of sweetener
  • Mix into cocktails or baking projects

  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free