How Our Service Works

Alpenrose home delivery is a lot of fun.
It’s also the best way to get farm-fresh milk and local groceries direct to your doorstep.

Our service is built around the grocery staples you can’t live without. Add fresh produce, local favorites, lunch fixin's and seasonal treats to create your ideal order. Our flexible, worry-free service allows you to edit your orders, skip upcoming deliveries or cancel anytime.
Build Your Ideal Order
Start off with household staples like milk, eggs, produce and baked goods. Layer in specialty foods and seasonal treats. Whether you're meal-prepping or craving chocolate milk, we've got you covered.
Your Milkman Arrives
Every community has a dedicated Alpenrose milkman or milkwoman, bringing farm-fresh milk and groceries to your doorstep. Sign up today and experience the comfort and joy of personal service.
Relax and Enjoy
Your milkman will return every week to fill your porch box. Want the exact same order each week, feel like changing it up, or need to skip your delivery. With our flexible service you're in control.