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Block Cheese

Perfect for making grilled cheese, grating for nachos, or slicing for your famous cheeseboard. 

Award-winning, artisan cheese with hints of caramel and browned butter.
An award-winning, naturally-aged, creamy cheddar cheese.
This award-winning, naturally aged cheddar cheese will satisfy your taste for extra sharpness.
Bursting with flavor in every bite, queso botanero is a Mexican string cheese studded with cilantro and jalapeno.
Literally translating to “fresh cheese” in Spanish, is a pure, smooth and subtle tasting cheese perfect for finishing touches.
This delicious and versatile traditional Mexican cheese tastes similar to an unaged Monterey Jack but has a texture similar to a Mozzarella or string cheese.
Creamy, rich ricotta made from natural whey and just a touch of whole milk! Packed with protein and ready to enjoy.
Award winning and perfect for those that like it HOT! Enjoy a unique blend of Jalapeno, Habanero and sweet Red Peppers in this bold cheddar.
Taste the difference, using a unique blend of liquid smoke, smoke flavoring and rub paprika Face Rock Creamery’s Smokey Cheddar is perfect for lovers of deep flavor!
Garlic lovers unite—just don’t try to kiss any loved ones with fangs after! Tangy and smooth this garlic cheddar packs quite the flavorful punch.