Grocery Shopping — Simplified

The best dairy, fresh produce, baked goods and more — delivered to your porch box.

Alpenrose Home Delivery Alpenrose Home Delivery Alpenrose Home Delivery

When is the last time grocery shopping brought you Joy?
It's what we do.

Service and a Smile

Your favorite groceries, delivered by your neighborhood milkman.

Quality & Freshness Guaranteed

We offer the freshest milk in town…direct to your doorstep. And don’t forget fresh produce, artisan cheeses, organic eggs and more!

Local (Portland!) Products

We are your local dairy (100 years and counting!) and we partner with local producers to bring you hard-to-find specialty foods and family favorites.

Community Values & Connections

Greet your milkman by name. Participate in our community outreach programs. Show your Portland pride with an Alpenrose porch box.

Don't just take our word for it...

Check out our favorite products from beloved, local brands.

What's the catch?

(Hint: there is none!)

Free Delivery

For orders over $15. No hidden fees. No surcharges. Free means free.

Cancel Anytime

This isn't a subscription or membership. Cancel anytime for any reason. No fees, charges or hassle.

Care-free Control

Change your order or skip an upcoming delivery through our mobile app or website.

Friendly Service

Our caring, expert customer support agents will not only help you, we’ll share a smile.