Umi Organic Noodles with Miso Sesame Sauce - 10.5 oz

Umi Organic Noodles with Miso Sesame Sauce - 10.5 oz


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A ready-to-make organic miso ramen noodle kit.

With Umi Organic Noodles, you can make fresh restaurant-quality ramen right at home! Inside each kit, you will find two servings of uncooked noodles and two servings of creamy, refreshing miso sesame sauce. The noodles are locally-produced in Portland and are made with incredibly clean ingredients, including organic wheat and organic barley. In Japan, hiyashi chuka would traditionally be served chilled (but you can also serve it warm!) — after cooking the noodles for two minutes, briefly rinse them under cold running water to stop the cooking and then toss with a little oil before adding the dressing. You can add your own favorite toppings to complete the dish.

Please use 28 days after receiving.

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