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Freshly baked, almond-infused muffins filled with poppy seeds and finished with sliced, roasted almonds.
Rich and gooey spiraled rolls loaded with cinnamon smear and topped with a cream cheese icing.
Delicious, moist coffee cake folded with a rich cinnamon smear and finished with a sweet oat streusel.
A loaf of sweet orange breakfast bread studded with tangy cranberries.
Handcrafted, fresh-baked cobbler muffins brimming with local marionberries, topped with a sweet streusel.
Rich and sweet breakfast bread made from scratch with fresh bananas.
Old-fashioned cake donut bites inspired by the classic frozen treat.
Deliciously decadent, but not too sweet! Donut bites made from Blue Star’s signature buttermilk cake infused with French chocolate coated in a salted chocolate glaze.
Known for their gorgeous pink coloring and perfectly round shape Pink Lady apples are a sweet-tart apple with a crisp bite and effervescent finish!
Boasting a slightly firmer and more dense white flesh than other pears, this versatile winter variety is great for baking, broiling, or poaching!