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Product reviews for Buttermilk 2% - Quart

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Existing reviews
Please offer in pint size
Only use for recipes and quart size is too much.
| 10/7/2020 2:25 AM
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Taste of the South?
I use buttermilk for coleslaw, salad dressing, scrambled eggs, etc.  Do you have to have lived in the South to know it's delicious straight up?  With a little black pepper to taste.  Love that you provide this.
| 10/15/2020 7:32 PM
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Pint size please.
I love this low fat buttermilk. Please offer in pint size. Thanks
| 12/6/2020 1:11 PM
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Delicious fresh buttermilk!
This buttermilk is really fresh and tasty. I've used it in everything from pancakes/waffles to chicken fried steaks to shambles eggs. Honestly it's hard to go wrong with the tangy deliciousness that comes from using buttermilk. Do yourself a favor, if you like rance dressing, try making a batch using this in place of milk... WHOA!! This isn't as thick as say a Bavarian style buttermilk but is very delicious and will be a great addition to any recipe!
Jesse | 3/27/2021 10:26 PM
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