Organic Cherry Tomatoes - 1 Pint

Organic Cherry Tomatoes - 1 Pint


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Ripe and juicy, these delicious organically grown cherry tomatoes are perfect for summer salads, making a quick sauce or roasting down for a tasty spread.

Easy to work with and ready after a quick wash these organically grown cherry tomatoes are ready for your next flavor adventure. Try adding them to your next salad or using them as a base in a homemade tomato sauce. One of our favorite way to enjoy is slow roasting them with some cloves of garlic and plenty of good olive oil until they have reduced into a rich tomato jam. Yum!

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Product Reviews
Great taste
My family has been replacing the traditional snacks like chips and crackers with healthier options.  These cherry tomatoes are a great grab item when snacking or for tossing into a fresh salad.  They taste great and travel easily on the road.