Honey Mama’s Oregon Peppermint Bar - 2.5 oz.

Honey Mama’s Oregon Peppermint Bar - 2.5 oz.


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Delectable chocolate-truffle-like bar sweetened with honey and infused with peppermint oil.

Honey Mama’s Oregon Peppermint Bar is a mouthwatering cocoa-minty treat. Made with coconut meat, dark cocoa, peppermint oil, and raw local honey, this chocolate-like-truffle bar is the world’s best after-dinner dessert.

Note: These delightful treats will soften and melt at temperatures above 76F. Please refrigerate. Contains tree nuts (coconut). Made in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen that also processes tree nuts (almonds and coconut).

  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free
Product Reviews
exceptional ingredients! pure heaven