Alpenrose Dairy

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Alpenrose is much more than just a dairy. It’s a family fun center, where kids can play baseball, hunt for Easter eggs and participate in any number of sports and learning activities. 

Everything that has made Alpenrose what it is today is because the Cadonau family has always focused on the next generation. Henry Cadonau always said, “If the kids aren’t happy, we’re not happy.” This mindset became a long-standing family tradition and has ensured that, from generation to generation, everything our kids need to have fun and stay healthy is readily available right in our own backyard.

Little League Baseball & Softball

Nothing is more exciting or more Alpenrose than Little League baseball & softball. And for over fifty years, kids throughout the community and around the world have had the opportunity to play ball at Alpenrose Stadium. For more information on Little League baseball & softball, click here.

The Hunt is On

To this day, we still hear parents recount the days when they participated in the Alpenrose Easter Egg Hunt. Now they’re bringing their own children and in many cases, their grandchildren. That should give you an idea how special this traditional event has become. If you haven’t made it out in the past, put it on your list of family memories yet to attain!


Discover 4-H at Alpenrose Dairy.  4-H helps young people develop life skills as they participate in fun hands-on projects like animal husbandry, gardening, cooking, science and service learning.  If you would like to learn how you can help children thrive at Alpenrose Dairyville or in your own community, please call 503-821-1119 or visit our web site